80-Year-Old Lady Sings About Sex And Family Values In Her Rap Song

You have probably seen a lot of people in their golden years get up on stage and do some weird stuff, but Granny G can definitely take the first prize. The video below features 80-year-old grandmother named Paula Nelson, aka Granny G, who shocked the audience at America’s Got Talent with a rap song about family values and sex. Even though she went on stage in a pink moo-moo, orthopedic shoes, and a walker, it doesn’t mean that she’s your average soft-spoken granny!

It seems that her rap and rhyming skills deeply impressed the viewers everywhere. This video became popular and got more than 1 million views on YouTube! And it doesn’t matter whether or not you think Granny G has got the skills to be a real rap star like Eminem, it’s her message that packs the biggest punch. “Be more choosy about who you see, just don’t think that sex is free. It’s got a price, but if you pay, you’ll know how it feels to be a daddy someday.”

Watch this Granny’s performance! What do you think of her message for young people in her rap? Let us know in the comments section! We’d love to hear from you!

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