An 80-year-old woman scoffs at two of her friends. Her reason had me laughing.

There are a lot of things that we have to look forward to when we get older: a slower gait, arthritis, poorer eyesight, brittle bones and skin. I know this because I just typed all this while wearing my glasses that I got several months ago after four decades of not needing them. The thing that we REALLY dread though, is having some bodily functions become more difficult as time goes by. Like what the women in this video are talking about.

The video tells about three women talking to each other. The 60-year-old complains about needing to pee but nothing comes out.” The 70-year-old year old complains about not being able to do No. 2. The 80-year-old laughs at both of them. She says she pees at 6 am. She poops at 6:30 every morning. The other two women are befuddled as to why she would complain about having those with regularity. “I wake up at 7 am.” Yeah, that would be a messy bed to wake up in every morning. Hopefully, she invested in adult diapers. Not to overanalyze a joke or anything…

This does highlight a sad part of aging. Losing control of our bodies once again. We were kids and we were so proud that we stopped wetting the bed. I remember when my son stopped wetting the bed. That was a proud day. Also a much cheaper day, because I didn’t have to wash sheets three times a week. That stuff adds up! When we get much older, we return to the diaper days. Yet another cycle of life.

While there is nothing ever truly proprietary in life, I distinctly remember a form of this conversation happening in “The Golden Girls.” The oldest was Sophia, the 80-year-old. The other two women were either Dorothy, Blanche, or Rose. “I never have that problem! Never! I sleep like a log!” she says.”I never have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I go in the morning. Every morning, like clockwork, at 7am – I pee. Unfortunately I don’t wake up ’till 8.” The video is still cute, though.

Many of us are far from the age of even contemplating this scenario. I said many, not all! What did you think of the video? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below!