An 81 year-old lady looking for condoms makes the drugstore cashier faint

If you’re having a stressful or otherwise difficult day, a funny story can be just the thing. Some laughter can instantly make stress go away and brighten your mood. This story, which starts at a nursing home and ends at a pharmacy may have you giggling for the rest of the week.

Two elderly ladies, Mary and Susan were perched on a bench outside their nursing home absorbing some sunshine while they sipped coffee and enjoyed a smoke. These two were the chatty sort and a couple of hours quickly went by. In the meantime, menacing clouds rolled in and it suddenly started pouring. Mary calmly rummaged through her purse and fished out, of all things, a condom! She cut the end off and put it over her cigarette and kept on smoking like it was the most natural thing.

With a stunned look on her face, Susan asked, “What’s that?”

Mary replied, “A condom, of course. It keeps my cigarette from getting soaked.”

“That’s brilliant! But where ever did you get a condom?”

“Oh, you can buy them in any drugstore these days.” Times do change!

The following day, Susan made sure not to miss the nursing home van. When it pulled into the strip mall, she was the first one out — “Oh, no, after you,” she’d said so many times when everyone was getting on! The clack, clack, clack of her walker against the sidewalk can only be described as eager. She hobbled around the drugstore aisles but couldn’t find what she was looking for. Finally she gave up and announced to the cashier that she needed a 12-pack of condoms. Hearing this from an 81 year-old lady had him turning red as a beet. “Um, ah, A-alright, ma’am. What brand are you looking for.” Susan shrugged and said, “Doesn’t matter, son, as long as it fits a Camel.” The cashier fainted.

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