85-year-old grandmother asks daughter to lay her down in snow to realize a birthday wish

Birthday wishes are the most wonderful things, especially when they come true. Who remembers wishing and praying for the first pushbike, you know the one with the banana seat and sissy-bars. Or that chemistry set that you were going to use to make the world such a better place. Oh the dreams we all had. Then when it was your birthday and you got what it was you were wishing for, it seemed that nothing else in the world was as important as that day, and that you were the luckiest person alive.

As we get older, I guess we don’t dream as much or make wishes that we know can’t be granted. It’s sad when you think about it, all the inhibitions we had as kids have just flown out of the window as the years creep on. Don’t you WISH you could go back and enjoy the innocents of youth again?

In the clip below, an 85-year-old grandmother is about to celebrate her birthday. She didn’t want any of the traditional presents that one receives, you know, the little nick-knacks that lay around the house gathering dust, the ones that you have to make sure are on display when the-oh-so-thoughtful-relative who bought it for you last year comes to visit. No, not this young-at-heart-octogenarian, no way!

You see grandma wants nothing more than to lay in the snow and make a snow angel. Snow is a wonderful thing. Those who a lucky enough to live in a climate where regular snow falls occur will agree with me. OK……so it can sometimes be a chore……it looks so good as it is falling, then after a while it turns to slush…..makes the roads slippery…….it’s cold and wet………you have to go outside to shovel it up, just so you can get in your car….in the cold…and drive to work. But then again, you can build a snow man, have snow ball fights, carefully of course, and you can make snow angels.

Being a little older than the last time she did this, she needed a little help from her daughter and son-in-law. The adventure begins and they carefully lay her in the snow. At this point she is laughing, then she shouts to her daughter “Get out of the way so I can make my angel”. Her daughter dutifully moves, then lies beside her mom and makes her own snow angel.

Click on the link below and enjoy this lovely story about a family making one birthday girl very happy. It goes to show you that the simplest things in life can be the most rewarding, and that if we think really hard about it…….wishes can come true.