9-Year-Old Boy and Grandpa Sing Adorable Cover of “I Want To Break Free” On Facetime

As the coronavirus continues to spread, more and more people are stuck inside their homes far away from loved ones. One 9-year-old boy decided to cover “I Want To Break Free” over video call with his dear grandfather.

James Gallagher resides in Dublin, Ireland, and is a massive fan of the band Queen. While social distancing is enforced in most places around the world, Gallagher and his grandfather take to Facetime to stay in touch during this strange time.

As James plays the guitar and his grandpa plays the piano, they both sing to the iconic smash hit “I Want To Break Free.” You can’t help but listen to the lyrics and think of how relatable they are right now, as we’re all cooped up inside.

The two sound great together, and watching them perform will surely bring a smile to your face. James has said, “It’s good that I can contact my grandparents because it’s good for younger people to protect the elderly.” We couldn’t agree more, James.