9-year-old vocalist on America’s Got Talent – You won’t believe your ears

We’ve just seen one of the best years of America’s Got Talent in a long time, with some amazing and memorable acts all vying for the top spot and the coveted crown. But this year it looks like it’s the kids that are taking over!

With a 12-year old ventriloquist astonishing everyone with her talent and racing through to the final, 9-year-old Angelica Hale was not to be outdone. Her incredibly mature voice added to the fact that she is so young, has many people thinking she’s a shoe-in for the title. And watching this incredible performance – who are we to argue?!

Angelica first appeared on our screens during an early audition episode, which showcased her battle with kidney failure five years ago. Incredibly, the tenacious youngster received a kidney donation from the best possible source – her own mom! She’s gone from strength to strength and it’s astounding to see just how well she has overcome this incredible challenge. After her heart-breaking tale, she went on to blow everyone away with her performance of Andra Day’s “Rise Up.” There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

Now she’s back again wowing the country with her amazing talent as she performs a cover of Zedd’s dance classic “Clarity,” which originally featured the stunning vocals of British singer “Foxes.” But Little Angelica makes this number her own, and watching this video will make the hairs stand up on the backs of your necks. It’s mesmerising!

Judges Mel-B and Heidi Klum had their doubts that Angelica could reach the notes in this tune, given that she still is only 9-years-old after all! But they were sent reeling and made to eat their words as the youngster effortlessly nails it – and you can hear the astonished reaction of the crowd as she simply owns the stage. When she finishes on an epic high note, the roof comes off the theatre – and there isn’t anyone left sitting in their seats. It’s a performance that will simply take your breath away.

Win, lose, or draw, Angelica Hale is a name you’re going to be hearing more and more of, as she certainly has a bright future ahead of her – after all her difficulties in the past. Let’s hope she’s given the right guidance and a kind mentor along the way – this kind of talent at this kind of age needs to be treated with kid gloves! Check out the video below and see if you agree that this girl is destined for superstardom.