91-year-old golf carting grandma peels out in the snow

A grandma finds nothing but bliss as she tests the limits of her new golf cart. The joy in her face says it all as she drives around her property.

If you ever want to evaluate the driving skills of your grandma, then get her a golf cart. A 91-year-old showed some serious skills in the snow with an impromptu show of snow drifting technique. The proud grandma did donuts on her acreage in a short, but sweet video.

The golf cart was originally intended to be used during the summer months as an easier way to get around. This is a common use, and has become popularized since they leave a small footprint.

Golf carts tend to zip more than they speed, and they have a strict weight limit. This combined with the tiny wheels means it has balancing issues when you use it beyond normal activities. But there were no worries as this fearless grandma went around in circles on a snowy day.

Under normal circumstances, doing stunts in the snow on a golf cart will leave you upside down. But golf cart makers never accounted for a grandma with 91 years of experience to be behind the wheel.

By the time summer comes around, the golf cart may need a new set of wheels. It is seeing some serious action already, long before being put to use on grass. If the grandkids are looking for a birthday gift for grandma, then a helmet and biker jacket would make a perfect set.

91-year-old golf carting grandma peels out in the snow