92 year-old widow gets a new best friend when her neighbors adopt a St. Bernard puppy

Sally Rewehooeern is a spry 92 year-old who lives in Mount Vernon, Washington, a lovely town in the foothills of the Cascades. She’s originally from a much flatter place: northern Holland. She left her hometown of Leeuwarden and came to the United States in 1953. Ever since her husband passed away 27 years ago, Sally has lived all alone. She does have children, but they live in various other parts of the country.

Earlier in the year, Sally’s neighbors lost their lovable old dog. This was obviously very hard for them, but they could only grieve for so long. In due course, they adopted an adorable St. Bernard puppy named Brody. One fine day, the 15 week-old St. Barnard wandered off. After a frantic search, his humans found him hanging out with their neighbor Sally. Oddly enough, back in Holland all those years ago, Sally grew up on a farm surrounded by St. Bernards. Perhaps it’s only to be expected that Brody knew a potential friend when he saw one!

Brody’s own friendliness shouldn’t surprise us too much. St. Bernards have a well-deserved reputation as “gentle giants.” The breed is also famous for its enormous size and its amazing talent for rescuing people in Alpine emergencies. Contrary to legend, St. Bernards don’t really go around with miniature barrels of brandy hanging from their collars. This trope seems to have been started by an animal portrait painter who included the amusing idea in one of his canvasses.

Check out the heartwarming video we’ve posted of these two best friends. They’re both so happy that Brody’s human parents can’t mind too much that their little St. Bernard is frequently being borrowed by their neighbor.

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