94-Year-Old Grandma Shares Her “Dandelion Salad” Recipe From The Depression

This irresistible salad is made from dandelions, with the help of a little great depression know-how. 94-Year-old Clara survived this difficult period of history, and today shares her tasty recipe for an uncommon delicacy that you’ll fall in love with – dandelion salad is amazing.

Be sure to be on the lookout for healthy dandelions with flourishing flowers. Take the whole plant root and all, cleaning away all the dead leaves once you get them inside. Dandelion is an effective treatment for stomach and liver conditions, aiding digestion, and fighting inflammation of the bowel. It supports the growth of healthy bacteria in the stomach and helps to stimulate a healthy appetite. The salad itself is dead simple to make and tastes great.

Let 94-year-old Clara show you how to make a delicious, immune-boosting dandelion salad. These abundant herbs found growing everywhere are also very good for fortifying good digestive health while also helping your body ward off infections. Once you learn how tasty dandelions are, you’ll be harvesting from all around your home and neighborhood.

94-Year-Old Grandma Shares Her \