97-year-old woman gifts herself a John Deere tractor for her birthday — because why not?

While age makes us take things slow, a radiant 97-year-old woman proves that the zest for life knows no age limit. Meet Marie Erickson, the inspiring Massachusetts native who refuses to let her senior years be a constraint.

Instead of spending her days indoors, Marie has a unique pastime – she joyfully rides her John Deere tractor, an object of her fondness, day in and day out. It does not matter if the grass needs cutting; she likes to be on the tractor daily.

Her sprawling Massachusetts home, resting on a generous 2.5-acre plot, gives her ample opportunities to indulge her passion. She cheerfully confesses her preference for landscaping over housework. A sentiment that she has held onto even before her husband’s passing.

Marie’s 4-foot-8 personality is full of fiery passion. She confesses with a certain proud gusto that she always wanted to own a John Deere tractor. So, when her 97th birthday rolled around, Marie decided it was time for a unique self-gift – a state-of-the-art John Deere tractor with power steering.

After she saves $5000, she walks into a dealership in Massachusetts, a place often frequented by burly landscapers and garden enthusiasts, and stunned the salespeople with her requirements. A senior woman wanting to buy a John Deere raised a few curious eyebrows, but Marie had her explanation ready. She may have given up driving a car, but the John Deere was the next best thing for her.

Ever since, Marie’s been on her John Deere every day, savoring the open air and the thrill of riding across her vast property. As she inches closer to a century, her indomitable spirit shines through. Erickson’s children help fill her gas cans, ready for her daily escapades.

Marie Erickson’s inspiring tale tells us you’re always young enough to enjoy your passions. Whether it’s her 97th birthday or any day, she continues to live her life to the fullest. A John Deere tractor, a vast landscape, and a vibrant spirit – that’s Marie’s recipe for contentment as she gracefully drives her John Deere tractor.

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97-year-old woman gifts herself a John Deere tractor for her birthday — because why not?