A 98-year-old mom moves into a care home to look after her 80-year-old son, because “You never stop being a mum”

For most people, a mother’s love will never fade. Especially when the mother sees that her son truly needs her. There have been wonderful stories of sons or daughters looking after their mothers once the latter cannot do many things on their own. In many Asian cultures, parents are figures of respect. They would not even consider not taking care of them when they get to an age where they need it.

There have even been some important technological breakthroughs where technology aids elderly people. I remember watching a video of these special houses that were custom made for seniors. The name of the product is Med Cottage, but they are known as “Granny Pods.” This incredible product has been revolutionizing the way families take care of their seniors.

The Med Cottages are very well-built, and they give caring families the possibility of having them installed right there in their yard. What makes them a very good option for families is that they give the seniors the chance to have privacy and to come and go as they wish. They are like small 3-room apartments outfitted with cameras. Even one on the floor that alerts families if their loved one has fallen.

They are completely outfitted with hospital equipment like safety railings, floor light and may include things like a shower chair, a defibrillator, and pretty much any type of hospital piece of equipment needed. Thanks to this product, many Americans are taking care of their seniors in a more loving way.

There are other cases, however, where it is the mother the one who is still doing the caring. Such is the example of Ada Keating and her son. Ada is 98-year-old and her son is 80. She has decided to join her eldest son Tom, 80, in Moss View care home in Liverpool to look after him. The mother and son, in this case, have always gotten along very well.

Tom is the oldest of 4 children. Tom’s youngest sister, Janet, died when she was only 13-years-old. Before Tom retired, he worked as a painter and decorator at HE Simm building services. Tom needed to become a resident at Moss View in 2016, so he could have more support. Not only are Ada and her son best friends, but they are inseparable.

They enjoy doing all sorts of things together like playing games and talking. Well, recently Ada decided to move in with her son at the care center. The reason: her son needed more support, and as Ada put it herself, “You never stop being a mum!” Take a look at their wonderful story!