A 15-year-old dog that was left at a shelter for a younger pup gets her happy ending!

What is the first thing you do when one of your pets gets sick? If you’re like me, you probably take him or her to the vet. Now, what do you do if you don’t have any money to do so? Here, there are many possible scenarios. One of them is trying to get money from relatives in case you don’t have any savings yourself. I remember watching a video of a couple who found themselves in a tough spot.

They had adopted a dog that had medical issues. They took very good care of her and got to a point that she was doing very well. After a couple of years, they were facing something they didn’t really have an answer for. She needed some very specialized tests that cost about $1,700 which they didn’t have. They didn’t want to have to give her up and wanted to help her.

What they did was start a patron page for her. In this page, they explained what the problem was and how much they needed. They hoped that some people would be sympathetic to them and help them out in their time of need. A few days later and they saw their patron page start to get supporters and people showed their generosity.

They gathered well above what they needed for the tests, and even got enough for a surgery that she would later need. The couple was very grateful for all the support and love that had been shown by people they didn’t even know. They thanked everyone, and they have been living a happy life along with their dog ever since. This was not the only case where a patron page helped a pet in need.

Some pets don’t need money to get by, all they need is love. This is the story of one senior dog that got sick. She was 15 years old then and started getting symptoms of something that could be a lot more serious. This dog already had owners, she was not a street dog. The problem is that once she got sick, her owners didn’t want to have to deal with all the medical issues.

So, she was taken to an animal shelter. The sad thing is that their owners left her there and then took a puppy home. When she saw this, she cried, and her cries were so loud that they broke the shelter staff’s heart. They knew that something like this could not be left standing and they made it their goal to find her a loving home where she would be showered with love. This is her story!