A baby gets a ‘Crawling 101’ lesson from the family’s Jack Russell Terrier

How do you feel about babies and pets sharing the same space? This is kind of controversial as some parents are a little wary of doing this. After all, babies are supposed to use all those hypoallergenic things, right? And we all know that dogs are not precisely the cleanest individuals out there. So, how do you do it? Do you limit it or not?

Many people including myself, agree that there’s a limit to everything. Especially if you are not sure if your baby might be allergic to something the dogs has. Nevertheless, having your baby share his space with the family dog can be done right. Another thing you need to think about is how each other might respond to the other’s presence.

The baby will probably be curious. So, the question you will need to ask yourself at this point is, how well trained and sociable your dog is? Some parents don’t have dogs as pets. How about cats? Cats tend to be less subtle when it comes to how rough they can get with babies and toddlers when playing. For instance, one of my neighbors ended giving up his cat for adoption when his daughter got scratched very bad while playing with the cat.

So, whether it’s being scratched by the cat or trampled by the dog, it all boils down to protecting young children from potential harm. I think we’ve all heard some very sad stories of accidents that occur when there’s no supervision. After that decision has been made, I think we can all appreciate how a pet’s presence can be beneficial to children growing up.

Come on, you know that if you only give them a chance, babies and animals can be the perfect duo. Most of our pets, especially dogs end up becoming protective of our children. They even take care of them as if they were their own. If you don’t believe me just see how our pets react when one of our children cries for whatever reason.

If your kids also walk the pets around the block or their neighborhood, dogs will usually become suspicious of certain people when they approach the kids. I can confirm this firsthand as I used to have a Rottweiler and she used to be extremely protective of the kids. If someone who had a certain shady vibe to him got near them, she would go into a high-alert mode.

The following video is not about dogs protecting children but of dogs teaching them. The baby is trying to get the whole crawling thing nailed down but is having some trouble with it. That’s when the family’s Jack Russell Terrier springs into action and gives the baby a lesson no one will forget!