A Brief Introduction To The Lives Of Baby Animals

Human babies are adorable, and so are the babies of animals. Like all babies, animal babies will steal your heart too. Perhaps it’s their cute faces or the way they look at you that makes you smile and want to instantly pat them. How much do we know about baby animals? Not too much. Here’s a chance to admire and learn about them on The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

In the video, Dave Salmoni comes to the show holding a baby Alligator. Most people would just run away from it because it looks exactly like an adult, only smaller in size. The size they grow to as adults depends on the size of their prey. Next, he holds a baby Hyrax or Rock Dassie. It looks a bit like a wombat, but is anatomically related to the elephant!

Next, come two 3-month-old baby Ostriches, they are grey and do not smooth feathers yet. They have a large toe on their foot, which is for defense. A giraffe taller than Michaell comes into the studio. It’s hard to believe that he is just five-months-old looking at his height. Lastly, there is a highly adorable Alpaca, an animal that resembles a Llama.