A Bulldog puppy throws a temper tantrum over a new sweater! This is too cute!

I have always said that the closest to a human baby is … well, a puppy, of course. The thing that makes them more similar is the fact that they can throw temper tantrums as often and as big as human babies will. One of the funniest videos that I saw, was with a Golden Retriever. He is a very well-liked member of the family, and he was being recorded as always by mom and dad.

He had gotten his paws on a pacifier and was quietly playing with it. That was until mom and dad saw where the baby’s pacifier was. Not that they were planning on taking it out of their pooch’s mouth and putting it into their son’s mouth, but they wanted it back anyway. So, not wanting to disturb the big baby who was in front of them, they started to softly ask for it.

Initially, their boy Retriever pretended that he was not able to hear them. He continued munching away until his parents started to speak a little firmer. That’s when the funny exchange started. Their big boy went from quietly ignoring them, to making a light grunting noise. It was as if he was trying to tell them that there would be no way that he was going to let that pacifier out of his sight.

So, wanting to make a case for it, his parents started to pull at the pacifier. They were careful when they did this as well, but they were not having any success. The more they raised their voice, the louder the dog grunted. It was as if he was trying to persuade them not to continue pulling at it. Poor little guy, all he wanted was to continue munching away.

In the end, his parents were so filled with laughter and cuteness, that they decided to let him have it. They could get their own son another pacifier that same day, but they would not be able to get another heartwarming moment such as the one they had just witnessed. The best thing was that the moment was recorded on the parents’ cell phone, so we know that this memory will live forever.

Another big baby is about to hit your screen. This time, I am talking about an English Bulldog puppy. The thing is, his mother has decided to get him a sweater for the chilly days ahead. He actually looks very cute with it, but the puppy is not digging that sweater at all. Watch this hilarious video along with its conclusion. This puppy will leave you full of cuteness!