A quirky common interest turned this dog and an elephant into best friends forever.

They say that birds of a feather flock together. Be that as it may, there are actually numerous instances of members of different species forming unusual animal friendships. At a nature park in South Carolina, it was a shared love of “aquatic antics” that brought an orphaned elephant and an abandoned puppy together.

Bubbles the elephant was just a 300 pound calf when she was rescued in 1983 (her parents had been killed by poachers for their ivory). Now a resident of the Myrtle Beach Safari, she tips the scales at around 9,000 pounds. Bubbles loves spending time in the water and it was when a contractor was building a pool for her that her best friend came into her life. The contractor left behind a pool and also abandoned a black Labrador retriever. True to form, Bella, as the puppy was named, soon took to the water, graduating from the pool to a nearby river.

Dog and elephant became fast friends thanks to one big interest they had in common: frolicking in the water. For an energetic Labrador who enjoys fetching her tennis ball from the water, what better diving platform could there be than a huge, but friendly elephant? Elephants are herd animals, so for Bubbles, having a friend at her side really means a lot.

When they’re on dry land, the two of them cuddle and the elephant even pets Bella with her trunk. For all we know, she’s decided that a loyal dog is a much better companion than another member of her own species. Lots of people would agree.

Check out the video posted below to see Bubbles and Bella’s friendship in action. By all accounts, the two of them are inseparable — and no wonder.

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