A Curious Little Monkey Named George Unboxes His New Gift

We all know that monkeys and humans share a ton of DNA. Monkeys can do most things we can, including opening gifts. A precious primate named George is given a surprise and can’t seem to wrap his head around what it is.

We have to tip our hats to this animal’s owner for naming him, George. Clearly, this monkey is curious, and his name fits perfectly. George is relaxing on the bed when his favorite human brings him a box.

He tears into it like an excited child on Christmas morning, pouring out all the contents onto the bed. Inside is the “Coldest Water Bottle,” along with a small instruction booklet. It doesn’t take George long until he’s unscrewing the top of the bottle.

Unsure of the function of his new gift, he refers back to the instruction guide, acting like he can read what’s inside. Not only is George utterly charming, but we’re also sure he’s going to get a lot of use out of his gift.