A doe, fawn and a chipmunk feast together like a family

A forest is a big place with a lot of animals. A generous chipmunk made a feast and invites some friends over.

When you make more food than you can eat, friends and family are the answer. In the forest, a chipmunk made an out-of-season Thanksgiving dinner. With nowhere to store the leftovers, he invited a doe and her fawn to eat the rest.

Seeing all three of them eating together is like watching a live-action Disney movie. It’s beautiful and makes nature look like one giant happy family.

Things start to get funny when the fawn neglects the food and starts nursing from his mother. In one scene, you see the chipmunk and doe eating from the table while the fawn nurses from his mother. It’s a true circle of life, and it was all caught on camera.

After the chipmunk has its fill, it jumps away. That may have been a sign, as both the doe and fawn leave soon after.

They were kind enough to leave food on the table for the other animals in the forest. Thanks to the chipmunk, anyone is invited to take their share of the food. If it keeps creating cute moments like this, then it is well worth the effort.

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A doe, fawn and a chipmunk feast together like a family