A dog shows up at a woman’s home with a note around his collar – It says …

I heard a story a while ago that not only made me think about the purpose of dogs in our lives, but also made me thank God for lending them to us. There was a family who had adopted a nice and kind dog. His name was Ronnie. He arrived with his new family when he was still a puppy. The family had one child, named Harry. Harry was about 3 years old when Ronnie was adopted.

Ronnie and Harry were best friends and even had their little routines they followed daily. Ronnie would go to Harry’s bed every day to wake him up. He would go to him and give him little kisses all over his face. Harry would then wake up and go downstairs to have breakfast. They did everything together and were basically inseparable. A few years later, something happened that would change everything.

Ronnie got sick and after a short while was not able to stand. He was taken to the vet who discovered a cancerous tumor. A few months later, Ronnie lost his battle with cancer. The family was devastated, but what concerned Harry’s parents more was how much Ronnie’s passing would affect him. After all, they were best friends.

Then, Harry did something that caught his parents by surprise. When his parents asked him how he felt about the fact that Ronnie was not there with them anymore, he said, “Well, I feel happy. You see, Ronnie like other dogs only get to live so long because God needs them in Heaven. God asks them to come here and take care of us for a while before returning to Heaven.” Harry’s parents were shocked but were happy with how well he had taken it.

Harry was never seen crying or sad after Ronnie’s passing. He believed that Ronnie had been an angel in their lives who had been sent to take care of them. After his mission had ended, he had been called back. This is one of the stories that has made me reflect on life and the role our dogs have in our lives. There are times when our furry pals can also help us make friends.

And I am not talking about meeting a few people in the park thanks to going there to walk your dog. The following video is regarding a dog who helped bring two families together. One day, a woman was at her home when she saw a dog she hadn’t seen before. The dog was outside her home and followed her in. Once inside, the dog played with the woman’s baby and then took a nap. This happened for the next few days until the woman decided to send a note to the dog’s owner in the dog’s collar. Check out what happened next!