A dog who was chained in a yard for 10 years was almost euthanized – For $50

Some of the reports concerning dogs that need rescuing are not about street dogs but about neglected ones. It is easy for a person to adopt a dog but there are times when his situation changes, and he is no longer able to provide the essentials a pup needs. Besides the basics of food and water, a pooch needs space and exercise every day to maintain good health.

This doesn’t mean that the people stopped loving his pal overnight. It only means that his situation has changed so much that he at times can be blinded by the new situation he is going through. I’ve seen some cases where hoarders keep piling up possessions until one day, there’s not enough space for them to walk in their own kitchen.

These cases require intervention, usually by a family member who brings experts to make the person realize the changes he or she needs to make in order to really be happy. Unfortunately, hoarding also has other victims. Many of these people have puppies or adult dogs who are frequently found living in inhumane conditions. When this happens, they are seized by authorities and taken to shelters.

They find the love and support they need as well as the medical assistance. Once they are back on their feet, they can be adopted by a loving family who will show them what it is like to live in a home where they have everything they need. Shelters do take several things into account for selecting a family that will suit the pup’s needs.

But everything for these pups starts with a call. One day, the Animal Advocates Society in British Columbia received a very special call to help a dog. When the rescuers arrived at the home, they were shocked at what they found. They saw an old dog, chained up on a chilly night. She had been chained for 10 long years with no blankets, shelter or toys. She had not experienced love by anyone in many years.

When they investigated, they found that she was often left with no proper sources of food and water. She was found lying in the frozen mud, covered in all sorts of terrible things. When it snowed, she had no roof over her to protect her from the elements. The same went for rain. She was with a family but was in such a condition that she would have been better off in the street. Fortunately for this lovely dog, everything was about to change for the better. This is her story!