A dog with a damaged spine is left paralyzed. Months later, he’s running and smiling.

If you persevere long enough and believe in your dreams, anything you envision is possible, right? We have grown up with this saying and a few of us have even tried it. It has proven to be correct for the most part. This doesn’t mean that the road is an easy one to travel. It is filled with many people who will try to deter you from getting there.

Often this is because they have had problems reaching their own dreams. Besides them, the obstacles that you will encounter will often make you think twice about how you are choosing to do things. When you are doing something that hasn’t been done before, it is even easier for you to doubt yourself. You need to keep reminding yourself that all the sacrifices are worthwhile and that they will find their reward.

The following video shows you just how true this is. This is the story of Kenny the dog. His story has been described as incredible, next to impossible and a miracle. He endured the most challenging odds that would have made you and me doubt ourselves more than once and he came out a winner. He did this through massive amounts of perseverance and tenacity.

Kenny is a lovable Doberman who was found by the rescue group, Two Hands Four Paws. His spine was so severely damaged that he was unable to walk. He was seen by many specialists who agreed that Kenny had no hope of regaining mobility. The best course of action at that point was to save him a lot of suffering and euthanize him. Fortunately for Kenny, the rescue group had hope.

They were convinced that if they put in enough work, they could help Kenny. The very next day, they started the first of what would be six long months of therapy for Kenny. This meant leg exercises that he needed to do every day by holding two strong leashes to help take the weight off his body. It was a gradual process where less and less weight would be taken off his body until he was strong enough to take the strides on his own.

Soon after, Kenny was not only able to walk but he could even run. This defied all the expectations the medical staff had for him. The people who helped Kenny even recorded a few of his milestones. The following video serves as witness to his incredible journey and you have the best seat in the house to see it for yourself. It will surely inspire you, too!