A donkey has an unexpected reaction to seeing a kitten!

I have heard a lot about donkeys. That they were very impatient, that they don’t get along with other animals very well… and then, there’s that little thing about them being stubborn. When I was a teenager, I would find out if this was true or just a myth. I grew up on a small ranch with my father, my mother and my two older brothers. I found out that most of the things they say about them were not true.

First of all, I found out they are very intelligent animals. I mean, they can be a little stubborn sometimes, but it depends a lot on the way they are treated. Some people think that because they are work animals, they can do unlimited work without a break. Back at the ranch, we had to donkeys, their names were Luis and Barry. They were very cute donkeys with vivacious personalities.

Having a donkey is in many ways like having a dog. I always said that donkeys are like dogs but with more rights. At least that’s how they feel about it. But they are also very inquisitive. Luis was kind of the leader of the two while Barry was a little more laid back. He would watch Luis set the tone for whatever they would do, and he would just follow his lead.

At the end of each day, it was Luis the one with whom we had a little more trouble. Especially, to get him in. He wanted to be out there even if it was raining. There was something about Luis that just made him different. One day, Luis got sick and we needed to call the vet. Apparently, Luis had swallowed something and could not breathe very well.

The vet needed to do a bunch of things in order to help Luis, but in the end, one squeaky toy that looked like a tomato was retrieved from his throat, and the day was saved. Barry was a little bit anxious to see all those people working to help Luis, but when he saw that Luis was back to be his old self, he could finally sleep. Barry was a good worker and even a better personality. One thing that Barry did have, was the fact that he was very curious. He would follow squirrels around and wanted to sniff them.

The donkey in the following video is also a very curious guy. He has seen something that has caught his eye. It’s the family’s kitten. There’s something about this strange animal that makes the donkey want to get closer. When the donkey gets closer to the kitten, he has the funniest reaction!