Is that A Cat or A Bunny Knocking on The Door? LOL

Cats make magnificent pets. And one of the joys of the internet is cat videos. I have seen some fantastic ones. This one though, had me laughing out loud.

This family kept hearing a loud, thumping noise in the mornings. They had an inkling it was their beloved cats, but couldn’t figure out the noise itself. So, they set up a camera.


Honestly, if this family cat is not named Thumper, I will cry. This is the funniest thing ever. This beautiful, gray cat turns her butt to the door and uses her back leg to thump on the door like a rabbit. Hilarious!

The noise would be overwhelmingly annoying in the middle of the night. So, I really hope they make these beautiful cats an entry of their own. If not, well, Thumper (as she shall now be named) will keep on waking them up in this hilarious way.

Is that A Cat or A Bunny Knocking on The Door? LOL