A father and his son pop a balloon to find out the gender of the baby. Watch the son’s fun reaction!

Finding out what the gender of the new baby is, brings lots of joy and laughs to a family. I have seen a bunch of these videos and each one of them brings a smile to my face for several reasons. I remember seeing one with a boy and a little girl. The mother and father had decided to take the balloon approach. So, they got a big box and put a lot of balloons in it.

They put the box in their living room while the kids were still sleeping. They figured that once they were awake, they would probably love the idea. After all, what little boy or girl doesn’t love surprises, right? Well, this case would be different. When they woke up, they were a little grumpy. Maybe it was the fact that they had not been able to sleep the previous night.

The children were called to the living room and they were told the meaning of the box. The girl wanted another girl because she wanted someone she could play with. She had a lot of dolls and she wanted to live the experience of sharing her toys with a little sister. The boy wanted their parents to have a boy because, like many boys his age, he didn’t like girls.

The box was opened by the children and it revealed pink balloons! The little girl started celebrating while the boy started crying and there was nothing their parents could do to stop him. In my case, I didn’t really have that when I was growing up. I was the youngest of three. I wouldn’t really say it was something that I missed or that I wanted to happen.

One day my mother asked me if I wanted a brother or a sister. I remember looking at her and wondering if she was serious or not. “No, not really,” I told her. That was the end of the conversation. Now, one of my friends did get a little brother. His mother had asked him, too, and of course, he said he wanted a brother. He also had a sister who wanted another little girl in the family. Back then, parents weren’t so elaborate in the way they would let their children know the gender. They would just tell you.

The following video features a young boy and his father. The father has just told the son that they are about to find out about the gender of the baby. The father has no idea how his little boy is going to react. Maybe the little boy is going to celebrate or maybe he will throw a tantrum. Well, get ready to see the best reaction in a long time to a gender-reveal balloon!