A father-daughter dance starts slow, but then the music changes and the people erupt in cheers

Father-daughter dance videos are heartwarming to see. Regardless of what type of celebration it is, it can bring tears and joy to everyone there. There are many types of celebrations and each of them brings a very different touch to the moment. The first time I heard of the term, “Quinceañera,” it was on a trip that I took to Mexico.

This celebration takes place when the girl turns 15 years old and it represents the transition she goes through from a girl to a woman. People who have these celebrations really go all out. No expense is too much to make this celebration unforgettable for everyone in attendance. These celebrations get big, I saw crowds of several hundred-people eating and dancing at one of them.

Now, the birthday girl needs to wear a special dress. These dresses can also get pricey, but the birthday girl’s father will spare no expense to make sure she has the best Quinceañera of all. This celebration includes a very popular father-daughter dance. It is considered at the last dance of the quinceañera as a girl and then they top it off with a second dance as a woman.

The girl in the following video was going to have one of the best birthday parties in a long time. Her father, Jonathan, wanted to make this moment very special. She is 13 years old and wanted to do a special dance for everyone. She had seen some of her friends take a more traditional approach to this dance but one thing she knew was that her father and she were anything but traditional.

Initially, they start their dance with the traditional song, “Daddy’s Little Girl,” a classic in this case by Michael Buble. Everyone is really feeling this moment. Danielle is wearing her pink dress and she is surrounded by the people she loves as well as great decorations. Suddenly, “Daddy’s Little Girl” transitions into “Tik Tok” by Kesha. This makes the venue explode in cheers for them.

When the guests in attendance see the choreography they are doing, they cheer even more. Their performance goes on and transitions into different songs such as, “In Da Club” by 50 Cent and “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. You might think that the dad is not dancing that well to these songs but as soon as you watch this video, you will see how good of a dancer he really is!