A flower girl’s epic dance routine has the entire wedding party LOL

Who doesn’t like weddings, right? Weddings are very special events for everyone involved. But all the love and beauty doesn’t mean that there’s no stress involved in planning the “perfect” day and have everything come out just right. There are many things to consider, from the venue to the food, flowers, and of course, who can forget the all-important dress. All of this takes time and money to come out just right.

Even when everything has been taken care of, there’s still the chance for something to go wrong. It could be anything, from the weather to the flowers, to the caterer getting there late. This wouldn’t mean that the wedding is ruined, but it would sometimes take nerves of steel to pull everything off gracefully, including the hiccups that come with it.

Life together will have its ups and downs. There will be mountains to climb together and many territories to explore, but that’s part of the magic of having a lifetime partner. They are the people that will support you through all those ups and downs. They are the ones who will be there when you’re sick and need a shoulder to lean on. And everything starts with the wedding day.

To get everything just perfect, people go to great lengths and try to foresee anything that can go wrong. But perhaps that’s where the problem is. People take these things far too seriously in my opinion. I know a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event (or twice-in-a-lifetime in some cases), but people forget that it can also be remembered as the perfect day with a few occurrences that were solved. This is supposed to be the most exciting day in your life, so you might as well have fun.

Family and friends are there showing you all their love and support on this very special day. As the bride and groom, they like to make sure that everyone is having a wonderful time, so at times, they can provide a bit of entertainment in the form of a themed dance.

Now, there are cases when the entertainment doesn’t come from the bride and groom. In some instances, it can come from the flower girl! Like the one in the following video. She has told everyone that she has a little something prepared for them. So, everyone is ready, cell phones are out, and she delivers a performance no one will forget. And for several reasons!