A frightened Pit Bull got trapped on top of a flooded car, but two people wouldn’t give up.

Have you ever wondered the kind of life a street dog gets to live? They have a very tough time. I mean, not everyone who they encounter is a nice person. When instead of an adult pup, we’re talking about a puppy, then the odds are stacked even higher against them. When a puppy is living on the street, everyone is against them. If there’s food to be found, he had better be a fast eater or there won’t be any food for him to eat.

When you’re little you have a harder time getting prey if you are doing any hunting. First of all, because there are fewer animals you can actually take on. Then, there’s the other little thing about defending it. For most animals in the wild, the best meal is the one they don’t need to hunt themselves. So, stealing it becomes a better option.

I saw a short film the other day. It was from an independent film-maker. When he was asked was his film was about or what he intended to accomplish with it, he said that he wanted people to reflect. He believed that film-making was not only for entertainment purposes. There have been movies with such strong message that they are able to plan the seed of awareness in people and make them change their ways.

His movie was about a dog. His name was Milo and he was living on the street. There were dogs that had had the opportunity to live with a family at least for a few years. These dogs had tasted what it was to have their food handed to them, and not have to fight for it, or get it stolen when they were not looking. They were warm in the winter and cool in the summertime.

They had it all. Then one day, they were not wanted anymore. That has got to be one of the most difficult things to face for anyone, especially a dog in the street. But Milo was different. He was born on the streets. He had no reference or didn’t know what a home meant. All he knew is that he needed to look for food every day and that he needed to be good at it.

When I saw that film, I wondered how many dogs get to live like that. I wondered how many of them see a happy ending to their life on the streets. Then, I saw the story of a puppy named Scribble. He was just a puppy and he already had to face many tough things on the street. But Scribble did not get discouraged. One day, he was found by one person and ended up appearing on TV. His life was about to change!