A girl sings a famous song for her dad with cancer. Her performance makes the judges cry

I have seen some very impressive performances on America’s Got Talent. There is a reason that the call it America’s biggest stage, and I have seen some performances that have given me goosebumps. The first one I saw was involving a young boy from Australia. His name is Jack Vidgen and he was about to rock everyone’s world.

He was only 14 years old when he appeared on the show. He was dedicating his performance to his father with whom he had a very strong bond. His father had always been very supportive of him, but he had fallen ill a few weeks before. When his condition got a little worse, he needed to be admitted to the hospital. His father was planning to be with Jack for his audition but was not able to.

He introduced himself and told the judges that he was there with his mother because his father was sick. He was a very likable boy, and everything was going great until he told the judges what his song of choice would be. He would be singing the Whitney Houston hit, “I have nothing.” This song is a very tough one for a woman to perform. The judges could not imagine just how tough it would be for a boy.

The judges were very surprised but figured they might as well let him audition. If he was singing that song, then he probably had something good in store for them. The music started, and the boy started hitting each note very well. He looked very comfortable as if singing this song was even easy for him. The high point came when he got to the chorus and he hit all those high notes flawlessly.

Seeing this, I thought that it would be the last one of these cases that I would see, but I was wrong. Evie Claire took the stage for her “America’s Got Talent” audition. She looked like your typical girl and the judges were not aware of how this young girl would touch America’s heart. Evie wanted to follow her dreams by auditioning for the show. Unfortunately, she also had a heartbreaking story to share. Her father was ill, he was dying from cancer.

This little girl was being brave by keeping her emotions in line. She had amazed everyone in her first audition with her beautiful voice and her impressive strength. She would grow as a performer in the following few weeks and it would culminate with the incredible performance you are about to witness. This time, she would be singing for her father and it was about to take the Internet by storm!