A glance to past with this preserved abandoned store in 1963

People love traveling and exploring different places all around the world. It has become a trend that inspires many to pack up and go for a trip.

Some like going to beaches, while some prefer hiking the summits, but most of the time, people usually go to spots where good food is available.

However, that’s not the case for this video creator named Dustin Porter. Instead of visiting oceans, mountains, and other popular tourist destinations, he desires to explore different abandoned and historical places.

One of the remarkable places he explored is the 153 Mile Store. At first, you might think of it as an ordinary abandoned store from the ’90s. But if you go inside, you’ll be surprised at the things that this place has to show.

Being forgotten for many decades, town folks didn’t expect to see that almost every goodie is still in good condition as if the place has been frozen over its resting period.

Even Dustin was amazed to see how everything looks brand new while he is exploring the general store. He goes to show many different old items that can bring nostalgic ambiance to some.

This place shows everyone that there are many unsung places in the world where you can both get to explore and learn. This might be old and abandoned, but it certainly holds rich historical memories.

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