A Golden Retriever gives a hilarious answer when he is asked to return a pacifier

Aren’t dogs just like children? And I am not talking about puppies, either. I think this has been one of the reasons that I’ve had dogs throughout my life. It all started when I was about 6 years old. I had wanted to get a dog for the longest time, and before I knew it, my father had gone to the local shelter to get me one. When he went there, he could not decide on one, so he went back home to get us.

We all went to the shelter and got to see all the wonderful dogs they have for adoption. You would be surprised at all the nice breeds they had. They also had a lot of breed mixes. I had never been about getting a certain breed, I was always about personalities. So, after looking at the dogs that were available for adoption, we decided on a little puppy.

When we got home, we were all very excited to welcome him to our family. Our new family member grew up very fast. He loved to go out with me every time I decided to go camping. I would usually go with my father and I always asked him if our pup could go with us. I guess for him, sleeping outside and getting to experience all those sights and smells was something that he wouldn’t change.

One thing that I noticed when he got older, was that he would throw little tantrums when things didn’t go as he expected. What he would do was to make a weird sound. He sounded like a little kid grunting when he doesn’t get the candy he wants. He would do things like this and have the entire family laughing in no time. And, he did this almost every day.

My mother would say that he sounded like an angry baby. In fact, that’s what my father would call him. Not only for the fact that he was making all those funny sounds, but also because he was the baby of the family, and we treated him as such. I would give him a lollypop every now and then. I stopped doing that after I took him to the vet to get his vaccinations and the vet suggested that I not do that.

But my dog doesn’t have anything on the Retriever in the following video. Someone in the house has just given him a pacifier. While he looked very cute with the pacifier in his mouth, he started to make a funny sound each time he was asked to return it. Initially, I thought that the man was the one making all those noises. But boy, was I surprised!