A goose steals cat’s treats; the way he gets them back has everyone laughing

It was a, um, normal enough scene: Aaron and his cat Prince Michael were relaxing on a park bench. He was chatting on a friend on his cell phone while the Prince was enjoying a few delicious Goldfish crackers. Fair enough. If a cat liked cheese crackers, there’s no question these would be his brand of choice. Then the honking in the background got louder.

A very nervous Prince Michael tried pulling the bag of crackers toward himself, but to no avail. While Aaron was absorbed in his phone call, a goose grabbed the goodies and waddled back to a nearby pond with man and cat in hot pursuit. The Prince was so determined to get his Goldfish crackers back that he jumped right in. Immediately regretting this, he clambered back out and was sent back to the bench to dry off with a towel. It looked like the geese had won, but Aaron did some quick thinking.

We don’t know where he got them — maybe among the things he keeps in his car — but Aaron was able to use a folding chair, some duct tape, a kickboard, and a leaf blower to make an improvised air boat! Although far less capable than the sort of air boat that you might see gliding across a Louisiana bayou, it got the job done. The waterfowl scattered in all directions and Prince Michael (who was of course at the helm) recovered his afternoon snack.

This video, which is posted below, was made by the Aaron Benitez, the creator of “Aaron’s Animals,” a whole series of comic cat videos. As he said in one TV interview, “The challenge of working with Prince Michael is that he’s a cat. Sometimes he wants to film. Sometimes he wants to swat at a bag.” And when other cats are brought in to take part in a video? “There are just a lot of egos involved.”

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