A grandma with Alzheimer’s is welcomed with warm hugs and kisses by her Irish Wolfhounds.

I can tell you firsthand that everyone’s life can change in a split second. There are truly no guarantees in this life except that we are not going to be in this world forever. Many of us tend to think that we have a difficult life. For some reason, we assume that everyone else’s life is perfect except ours, but that could not be farther from the truth. You may be enjoying perfect health now but all it takes is a diagnosis to remind you of how fragile we can be.

Fortunately for most of us, we have our friends and family to fall back on. So, in case one of these diagnosis changes our lives, we can still rely on them to help us get through it. This is why many people say that if there is still hope, then there’s still a way of getting things done. This could not be truer for a 76-year-old grandma. She is very lucky to have a family that takes loving care of her, and she also has two selfless and beautiful Irish wolfhounds who love her unconditionally.

This lovely woman was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a while ago and has been living with the condition ever since. As you may know, Alzheimer’s is a condition that slowly wipes out one’s memory and mental functioning. This is not a process that happens overnight, but it’s a place that people who suffer from it, get there sooner or later.

Her family is prepared for this and she knows it as well. Right now, her memory has not really given her any problems, and one thing that she never fails to remember is her two favorite dogs, Liadan and Mulligan. In fact, she asks how they are and where they are constantly. When you see the way her two dogs welcome her, it’s easy to know why. Her dogs fill the room with the love they have for her. As soon as they see her, they cover her face with kisses and hug her.

Her family uploaded a video that has gotten many comments such as, “Put the biggest smile on my face,” and “That is so heartwarming. To see such joy from the love of two stunning dogs. Alzheimer’s is such a horrible thing to have; it is so lovely to see this lady laughing and happy when she has such a dark condition. Thank you for sharing.”

The minute you watch this video, your screen is going to be lit up with joy and love. Get ready for a double-dose of love and don’t forget to share this warm moment with your family and friends!