A Group of Elephants Lines up To Hug This Woman Who Has Raised Them for 40 Years

Woman Rescues Elephants

This is one of those stories that will warm your heart and will show you the many ways we can make a difference in this world. This is the story of a woman and her husband. They have dedicated their lives to protecting one of the most hunted animals in the world: the elephant. It all started many years ago with a man named David Sheldrick and his wife, Dr. Daphne Sheldrick.

They worked together to care for and preserve wildlife in Africa for many years. One of the things they were most against was elephant hunting. They have done many important things to try and raise awareness in that continent, where poaching seems to run as rampant as lions in the Savannah. Elephants are usually hunted for their tusks and nothing more.


There is a large black market for tusks over there, although many law enforcement agencies say that most of the tusks these organizations get, end up going to other countries that pay big money for them.

In 1997, the couple decided to move to Nairobi National Park. David passed away not long after arriving at their new home, the victim of an apparent heart attack.

Daphne decided to honor her husband’s memory by creating the David Sheldrick Wildlife-Trust, one of only three organizations in the continent that oversees rescuing, rehabilitating, and setting orphaned elephants free. All the elephants they rescue have fallen victims to the evil ivory trade market and have seen tragedy strike very close.

Daphne found some baby elephants that were in particularly bad shape. They had been caught is hunter traps and had fallen into a well. The poachers had left them there for dead as they had no use for them. The poachers were after their mother. When Daphne found them, her heart almost stopped. She had no idea how long they had been there or how long it had been since they had last eaten.

Dr. Sheldrick took them back to the park, where she started what would be a long rehabilitation period for them. She took care of them every single day, and the baby elephants adopted her as their mother. When Daphne found them, they were still drinking momma’s milk. So, how was she supposed to feed them now? According to the information she had, baby elephants continue drinking their mother’s milk until they are about two years old.

Well, she did what any mother would do. She found a way of feeding them and turning them into beautiful adult elephants. They grew up being very grateful for all her care, and they show it to the world in this awesome video. Watch how they gather to give their mother a hug. They will steal your heart!

A Group of Elephants Lines up To Hug This Woman Who Has Raised Them for 40 Years