A grumpy ballerina has the Internet in stitches because of this performance!

As parents, being able to sit in for one of our child’s performances is one of the things that we look the most forward. Sometimes we start picturing this in our minds since our children are still babies. To have the chance to watch them grow up and turn into great men and women is what we most desire. Not many parents get that privilege. So, if you did, then you are very blessed.

There is a saying that goes, “Each child you have is as different as the fingers in your hands.” I used to listen to my parents say this and I would learn just how true this would be. I always wanted to have a large family. I was the youngest of three brothers, so I figured that I wanted to have at least three children myself, and I ended having four.

I never had any sisters growing up, so I naturally wanted to have at least a daughter and I had three. I can tell you that they could not be more different from each other. All of them have a little bit of them in me, for several reasons. One thing we shouldn’t do is think we can raise them to be a certain way. I can tell you that it never turns out that way.

The best you can do as a parent is to give them good advice, teach them good from evil and instill in them good values. All kids will be a little stubborn, no matter how old they are, but one thing they will do is bring you a lot of satisfaction. Being a man, I wanted to have one son. For me, having a son meant a validation of many things, the chance of a bigger legacy.

My third child was a son and he has taught me so many things. I am incredibly proud of him, for different reasons that I am of my daughters. He has many things in his personality that I had growing up. So many that it is sometimes scary of how similar we can get. One of the things that make us laugh as parents, is how similar they can get to us when they are throwing a tantrum.

The following video is living testimony of that. Parents are preparing to watch their little ballerinas hit the stage and perform for them. Everyone, there is recording with their cell phones or camcorders and cracks up when one of the ballerinas who may be having a difficult day, decides to show everyone just how upset she is. This ends up being a very heartwarming moment for everyone there!