A hard-working boy was cleaning cars. The way he was treated made him cry

A young teen in need is holding a can and crushing it when he is approached by an unknown man. He talks to the man while walking down the street. Little does he know his difficult life is about to change for the better!

The man he is talking to is known as ‘The Secret South African Santa.’ He travels the streets to help those in need like a modern-day superhero. The man is BI Phakathi, a South African motivational speaker, filmmaker, and life coach.

The teen tells BI he wants to study, but his father admonished him to start working. BI asks, ‘What do you want to do now?’ The teen responds, ‘I want to work. No one wants to give you a chance because of this Corona.’

It turns out the teen is staying with his father after his parents separated. His father works for $400 a week, and the teen is trying to make money to buy food and cigarettes for his father.

Out of nowhere, BI starts handing the teen a few bags of groceries from his car trunk. Then, he starts giving him $100 bills while saying, ‘Make sure you support your family.’

The teen is so moved by the man’s compassion that he begins crying and even hugs him. The two strangers share a final ‘fist bump,’ and BI says he will visit him again.

BI Phakathi helps the underprivileged and homeless people with food and money. BI has over 229k subscribers on his Youtube channel and 3.4 million followers on his Facebook page. His videos have grabbed a lot of attention, and as a result, many viewers came forward to donate and help him continue with his good deeds. It truly is an uplifting story of love and compassion.

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