A herd of wild elephants gets a visit from their HUGE albino auntie

Herd of wild elephants

Adine Rood is a founder of HERD – Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development in South Africa. She visited the orphanage that is located in Jabulani at the Kapama Private Game Reserve, which is situated in the Greater Kruger National Park.

This Reserve is a home of a rare albino female elephant who was first spotted in 2010 when she was born. Khanyisa was a pink-skinned baby elephant who was very cute to look at.

The Albino elephant looks very different and very rare. There are only 70 of them left in the whole world. This form of a colored elephant is found due to lack of pigmentation.

Herd of wild elephants

This has garnered a lot of attention from the whole world. The Reserve is home to many albino elephants. A chance encounter happened when another baby elephant was born at the same time as Khanyisa.

However, this cute little baby elephant did not have albinism. So both the mother elephants are now raising the young elephants on their own. Khanyisa was raised by the whole herd, though.

Both the Kapama albino elephants are almost 11 years of age and are raised in a beautiful way. Their health condition is excellent and is being taken care of nicely by their caregivers.

Although the other Kapama elephant, other than Khanyisa, is a little sensitive to sunlight, she is very good at adapting herself nicely to the environment. So she has learned to stay in the Reserve.

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