A Hilarious Redneck Rendition of Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’

A Hilarious Redneck Rendition of Marvel's 'The Avengers'Bad Lip Reading takes on the Marvel universe as the Redneck Avengers look at obsession, relationships, and the way that crime is handled in Oklahoma with their skit ‘Tulsa Nights.’ All of our favorite superheroes have their voices replaced by the voiceover work of some of the most backwoods hillbillies you’ve ever heard.

Between the one-liner’s, redneck references, and ridiculous matches between expressions & things like bodily sounds – you’re in for an unforgettable slapstick adventure. If you can relate to supremely Southern or avidly Appalachian evolution of society, then this is a country comedy that you need to check out.

The Redneck Avengers may become your next favorite viral show, especially if you’re looking for hillbilly humor. With SHIELD headquarters housed in a trailer and Loki chew-spitting – you’ll be calling out for more episodes after watching ‘Tulsa Nights.’ Hilarious but wholly inappropriate, this is a must-see video.

A Hilarious Redneck Rendition of Marvel\'s \'The Avengers\'