A lost fawn finds an unlikely friend in a playful kitten

A lost fawn and kitten

Cats can be the most playful critters sometimes, especially when they are little. And this little kitten shows us how that looks in this video.

It all started when a lost fawn wandered onto the property of this cat’s human. Being only a few days old, the fawn dropped to the ground and froze – a natural defense mechanism against predators.

Mother deer will often leave their offspring in a safe place while they go off searching for food. It looks like this clever mom decided to leave hers in the safety of this human’s backyard.

A lost fawn and kitten

The people in the house didn’t really know what to do about the fawn but the kitten Miro had his own ideas. He immediately walked up to the fawn and introduced himself by sniffing and playfully swatting at its head.

The fawn, looking visibly scared and confused, doesn’t move a muscle. The only thing that moves is its nose and ears as it tries to survive this chaotic situation.

At one point during the interaction, the cat imitates the fawn and flops down on his belly, placing his chin on the ground.

Eventually, the people filming decide to carry the little fawn back to the forest and release it into the wild.

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