A man builds a magical, living green Church. You won’t believe how it looks inside!

Are you a church-goer? I must admit I am. And one of the things I enjoy doing the most is admiring the beautiful architecture that many of the churches have. I have had the chance to travel to other parts of the world where I have gotten to admire the assorted styles of architecture that have been used when constructing these buildings.

Out of all the unique styles I have seen, I had never seen anything like the church in the following video. Barry Cox from New Zealand is a church-goer who has been traveling for years and soaking up the sights of every church he can get his eyes on. Barry is a very religious person and even thought of becoming a Pope one day. He thought about it and concluded that he would instead become a tree specialist.

One day, however, he came up with a brilliant idea. Why not combine the two things that he was more passionate about, trees and churches? So, in April 201, Barry went about it and started to clear the area on his property. When people around him found out what he was trying to do, they were a little skeptical about it. He wanted to build a church made of trees!

To do this, he knew he would need a solid frame, so he could build everything on top of it. He built the metal frame as he remembered having seen it in dozens of churches. The problem would be relocating all those trees. He was working on this project by himself and knew that all that moving would take a massive effort. He had an idea of using a specialized tree-moving machine. “That should do the trick,” he thought.

Barry opted for the Cut Leaf Adler. He wanted a variety of trees with low foliage, so they could let sunlight go through. For the walls of the church, he went for Copper Sheen. This is an Australian tree known for its heavy textured leaf. It would give the walls, the thick and lush look he wanted. He saw how little by little the church started taking the shape he had wanted.

He originally thought of this project as something for himself but when many people saw the finished space, they started to line up to rent it for weddings and other social events. The church can house 100 people and everyone who goes there says that it has a certain peaceful vibe to it. The church is located on a gorgeous 200-acre property which also features a labyrinth walk and an outdoor canopy. This is perfect for the lavish weddings, receptions, parties and other events that take place twice a week. See for yourself what everyone’s talking about!