A man in a Target turns heads when he busts some moves in the store!

Have you ever seen something very funny take place in front of your eyes? I have. The problem is witnessing it and not being able to record it. At times, it would be because the moment happened so fast that it didn’t even give me time to take out my cell phone to record it. Others it would be because I had forgotten to bring my cell phone with me when it happened (Yes, I still forget).

A few of the times, I have been fortunate enough to have some friends record it and then send it to me. There have been a few times that I have been prepared and have recorded the incident. I cannot tell you how well one feels when you’re about to send your friends something that is going to crack them up. It’s like a feeling of pride and happiness.

I’ve seen fun things like marriage proposals recorded that make you warm and fuzzy all over. One of the best ones that I have seen was the one where a man proposed to his girlfriend in Disney World. The wonderful thing was that the man had talked to the staff at the park and let them know what he wanted to do. He asked them for their assistance in this matter although he wasn’t that sure how they would help.

The staff just told him to wait for their cue and he did. He was walking along with his girlfriend when it came the time to pop the very important question. This is when he got his cue and then, saw the whole park come to life. The girlfriend didn’t know but she was about to have one of the best experiences in her life. The park staff, including many of the characters, started to perform a sort of ‘musical’ that would set the tone for what was about to happen.

Even little birds were flying at the end as if it was a musical taking place. In the end, the man got down on one knee and got to ask his question. And, of course, she said “Yes.” Now you might think that only marriage proposals could be so magical or fun, but you would be mistaken. A YouTuber by the name of Preston Leatherman thought that it would be great for him and his audience if he were to record himself dancing to the music on his iPod while he was at the mall. The result went viral and it turned out to be much better than he could have anticipated. This is the result!