A man pulls over after spotting a puppy in front of his car, but he wasn’t alone!

There are many times when our furry friends are not the one who needs rescuing but are the rescuers themselves. I could give you a lot of examples where this has been this way. Like the time where a baby was abandoned by his mother in South America. A woman had knocked on a random door to see if they could watch their baby for her. When the person who opened the door said she was not able, the woman with the baby left.

The following day, a young man thought he had heard a baby crying outside his home. This all took place in the middle of winter. The weather had been merciless, and the baby had been abandoned outside in the cold. To everyone’s surprise, it had been a female dog who had recently given birth to her litter, the one who had found the baby and had lied down next to her to keep her warm.

The authorities were contacted, and the baby was taken to a hospital where she recovered shortly. If it hadn’t been by this furry hero, the baby would not have made it in the freezing temperatures she had been abandoned. Of course, this would not be the only case like this that I would learn about. David Kenney and his family from Brisbane, Australia would find out just how much of a hero their pup would be.

They have a wonderful 9-year-old Staffordshire named, Leala. One day, they were enjoying a quiet afternoon outdoors when out of nowhere, their pup came dashing towards them. She was soaking wet from head to toe. She looked very nervous and started to bark frantically. It was clear that she was trying to get their attention. The dad, David, followed Leala to see where she was leading him.

She led him to a nearby dam, and that’s when David found out what the problem was. His son, Alexander, was floating in the water, and he was not moving. While still in disbelief, David rushed to rescue his son and take him back home where he could get medical attention. Once they arrived home, they called for an ambulance and the ambulance got there in no time.

Alexander’s mother, Lisa, was on her way back home when she spotted an ambulance racing past her. When she arrived home, she saw the entire area around their house filled with police cars and people going in and out of her home. When she looked closely, she saw her son Alexander lying down, motionless. He was surrounded by a lot of people who were afraid for him.

She had been pulled to the side where she was told to be prepared for the worst. Paramedics were working on Alexander and she only prayed that her son would make it. Would her son be able to?