A man pulls over after spotting a puppy in front of his car, but he wasn’t alone!

I believe that rescuing puppies is the biggest manifestation of love and compassion a person can have. It is also one of the most rewarding experiences if you happen to be on the rescuing side of it. I had the chance of experience this feeling when I started to work at my neighborhood’s rescue center. When I told my father I was working there, he was absolutely delighted.

My father had always instilled good values in us and found volunteer work to be very rewarding. I loved each one of those days working with all the pups we rescued. I didn’t start going out to rescue pups right away. I started by getting to know each of the pups we already had at the center. One of my favorite activities was cleaning their kennels.

This gives you the chance of getting to know them on a more personal level. I worked with them for about one year before I started going out to rescue dogs. The first pup that I actually rescued was a Pit Bull puppy that had been living near an elementary school. We got the call because some of the children reported having seen a pup outside the school and became concerned.

Getting the pup’s attention was easy. I used a little bit of food and he was at our feet in no time. We initially thought he had gotten lost, so we set up a few posters around the neighborhood to see if someone recognized him and would call us back, but no one did. We took him in and gave him the regular doggie checkup. He was in good health and only needed his puppy vaccines.

I helped rescue quite a few puppies in my time there and discovered what would be one of my passions. You don’t need to work in a rescue center or much less own one to be able to find pups that need to find a loving home. There are even times when rescuing a pup happens almost by accident. Just like in the following video.

A man is driving his car on a road when he sees something that makes him hit the brakes. When he stopped, he realized that a puppy had run right in front of his car. When he looked closely, he saw that the puppy was not alone. There was a total of three puppies who had been abandoned in the middle of nowhere. The man decides to take the puppies with him and get them checked by a vet. In the end, the puppies had a very happy ending with loving homes thanks to this man. This is their story!