This Mom and Son Dance Is Fantastic – This Is What They Do in Louisiana when They Can’t Sleep!

Music, to many, soothes the soul. It has been prevalent in society for millennia and everyone likes a particular type. One thing that most types of music have in common is that they encourage dancing.

According to Lucy, the mom in this video – in southern Louisiana, when you can’t sleep, you dance. So, one sleepless night in Louisiana, Lucy and her son, Lance, dance like professionals in the kitchen. These two have practiced before, I think.


This mom and her son got their swing on (or shag, as it is apparently called in the south) and show off their moves. These two are truly impressive. I doubt either has ever had to go without a dance partner on a night out. And according to the comment section, there a lot of people wanting some lessons.

What wonderful memories to make with her son. Their dancing is inspiring and I am sure they have a lot of fun together. No doubt Lucy has been teaching Lance to dance since he was little, and to have this moment recorded is delightful.


The young girl giggling in the video is a bonus. She has clearly seen this before but enjoys it every time. How lucky are we that someone in the family decided to record this for our viewing pleasure?

I think I will take Lucy’s advice – if you can’t sleep, dance!

This Mom and Son Dance Is Fantastic - This Is What They Do in Louisiana when They Can\'t Sleep!