A mom and her son tear up the dance floor with their unique twist of the wedding dance

I don’t know about you, but I love weddings. Weddings bring about the best feelings of human nature. It’s the joining of two families with the purpose of living a long life together. Despite some last-minute nerves, wedding ceremonies bring out the best in all of us. They can also prepare us to become great problem solvers. I still remember my wedding like it was yesterday.

I think of myself as a practical guy. I really don’t like to over-complicate my life, so I opted to hire a wedding planner. I had her number from one of my cousins who had gotten married nine months before. He told me that this lady was very nice, and I do remember that his wedding had been perfect. I decided to give her a call without hesitation.

When I told my wife the idea, she was delighted as well. She was thrilled that she didn’t have to go over all those details and that she could concentrate on only making essential decisions on certain things. It was a wonderful experience, and I encourage everyone who’s getting married to hire one of these professionals. We would only get calls when something needed to be decided upon.

For instance, when they were narrowing down the different cake options, we got a call so that we could try them out. Having a sweet tooth, you can imagine that it was one of those appointments I made sure to clear my agenda for. We also got calls to check things like flower arrangements, church decorations, and venues for the party. It was a pleasant experience, and I was worry-free the entire time.

One of the most enjoyable wedding traditions is the wedding dance. The wedding dance gives you the chance of doing a little something extra. For instance, you can make a themed dance. I remember when one of my friends got married. He and his wife had always been big fans of the movie, “Grease.” They announced that they had a major surprise for everyone at the end.

And surprise us they did. They had these big red curtains that came down, and a crew of people started mounting all the props on the stage. By the time they had finished, the stage had looked very similar to one of the scenes in the movie. The music started blasting through the speakers, and they started dancing. They even had a few backup dancers that made me go back to that time in the movie.


Well, the groom in the following video also said he had a surprise planned, but it was with his mother. They would do the traditional wedding dance but with a twist. They promised to show everyone an enjoyable time and ended up tearing up the dance floor with an epic performance you do not want to miss!