A principal’s speech is interrupted when the teachers take the stage to put on an amazing show!

What do you think of the principal you have at your school? It depends how old you are, the opinions are probably going to change. Back when I was in school, my principal was famous for being a war veteran. Yes, he was very strict. For him, an education was serious business. He lived a very healthy lifestyle as well. I knew this because his youngest child used to go to my brother’s class.

My brother told me that he used to wake everyone up in his house at 5:30 p.m. Everyone had to be up early because everyone’s responsibilities needed to be done before 4 p.m. When it came to food, there was no junk food allowed, and that included everything. From hot dogs, soda, pizza, and so on. Everyone was jogging at 6 o’clock in the morning and having breakfast at 7:30 a.m.

He made sure all his kids got a college education. He was a good father, always on time for work and a good husband as far as everyone knew. One thing that I noticed is that when he talked, no one would interrupt him. He had earned the staff’s respect more than once when he had to step up and do a lot of manual labor. Even though he was probably the oldest of the school, he was still very strong.

He was very well-liked in the community and his family has always been sort of role models for many people. After him, the second strictest principal that I ever met was probably the principal at my high school. He fixed many issues at my school and was very approachable. But when it came to him following the rules… let’s say he did not believe in bending them at all.

Now, the staff from Whitmer High School in Ohio are known for having fun. Students there say that their teachers are strict, but they are flexible when they need to. The principal is also very respected by everyone. So, when the principal was in the middle of a speech a while ago, the students were taken aback when he was escorted aside at the rally celebrating their annual Homecoming football game.

Then, a teacher walked onto the floor and politely asked him to take a seat. The teachers had something up their sleeves and everyone was about to find out. Suddenly, everyone in attendance heard the song, “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, and a group of teachers raised the bar with their performance. It was a well-rehearsed and choreographed flash mob that was about to take the stage by surprise!