Puppy howls to wake siblings, has the Internet in stitches when he sounds like Chewbacca

If you have dogs, you probably have experienced a good dose of howling, but never like this!

Of course, howling is something that is actually more common with certain breeds like the Husky which is known to be extremely intelligent and communicative as you’re about to see.

All dog breeds stem from the wolf, and this makes them all howl. Dogs howl for a few different reasons. In the wild, wolves howl in order to let other packs know they are there.

This may sound surprising, but wolves are very respectful of others’ territory. When a wolf howls and then hears the answer to his howl by another pack, they will stay away from the area where he heard the howling.

Howling also gives wolves and dogs the opportunity to locate others who are members of his pack. Mothers howl and make some other sounds to locate their cubs when they come back from hunting.

But when your dog starts howling in the middle of the night, that’s when it starts to look a little bit less fun. You’re trying to sleep because you probably have a presentation to attend the following day and your dog decided to get in touch with his wolf roots and perform a howling symphony. What do you do in these cases? Is there anything you can do?

Well, not really. If you know the reason your dog might be howling, that might help you solve the howling situation. Now, there are some puppies that howl a little bit more than others, and that depends entirely on their personality. Remember that even if certain breeds carry certain features, each dog has a separate personality, just as we do.

This personality is what helps us interact with others and attract us to certain people when we are looking for friends or a partner. The set of personality traits that we have are also what makes us unique in the first place. This is probably one of the reasons why the following video has so many views on YouTube… because it’s is stealing hearts all around the globe.

The video shows a litter of puppies. They were taking a little nap on a soft paw-print blanket. They were relaxed and sleeping soundly until one of the pups decided he needed to wake the rest up because he wanted a play partner. This is something that would probably bother at least one of the dogs because as far as they were concerned, all they wanted to do was continue snoozing.

What no one had anticipated was that the pup’s howling was going to remind them of one of the most popular characters from Star-Wars! Click on the video to watch and pass this video along to a friend when you’re done. Enjoy@


Puppy howls to wake siblings, has the Internet in stitches when he sounds like Chewbacca