A puppy gets abandoned outside a school in a box along with this note!

Okay, this topic is a little controversial. It’s like this. Say one person has a puppy or adult dog that he can no longer take care of. What does he do? I mean, I have met many people who have been in similar circumstances, and I can tell you that it is also very tough for them. They love their furry friend, but when they’re in dire straits, they need to do what’s best for their pal as well.

The only debatable thing I see about this is that how do you know really know if the person you’re choosing to leave your dog with will take diligent care of him or her? I guess it’s a question of gut instinct. If you feel good about the place you’re choosing for a new home, then all you need to do is ask God to take loving care of them.

I’ve seen a couple of cases like this happen. The first time was with one of my neighbors. It was a snowy afternoon and he was at home with his family. Then, he heard a knock on the door, and when he went to open it, there was a box with some holes in it. When he opened it, there was a puppy and a note. The puppy was wrapped in a blanket and the note said that the person could no longer take good care of him. He was asking my neighbor to adopt him or find someone who could.

Fortunately, my neighbor had the best environment for the little guy possible. He had kids and a house with a big yard. So, the first thing he did, was to take him to the vet, so he could give him his first check-up. The vet gave him his vaccinations and told him the pup was in excellent health. Then, he stuck posters all over the area to see if anyone would claim the pup.

After some time went by with no one going up to him to claim the dog, he decided to adopt him. When he told me about it, I couldn’t help but realize how lucky the dog had been of running into him. The pup has grown since and is now 5 years old. My neighbor is very big on exercise and his dog, Titus, is his trail-running buddy. He picks a different trail each week, and Titus has a lot of fun exploring each one.

Well, the following story also had a happy ending. A janitor was working at a school one day when he heard a knock at the door. When he went to see who it was, he saw a box with a puppy and a note. He also saw a boy who was running away from the place. The note said that the boy could no longer take care of him or find a home for him. He was asking the janitor to help him find a loving home. This is his story!