A simple way to clean silverware without using chemicals

Homemade tips in making silverwares look brand new

Cleaning is one of the most satisfying household tasks that you can do to reduce your stress at home. However, particular areas in your house are tough to maintain.

One area is the kitchen part, where hardcore cleaning and maintenance are needed to bring it back to its original state. One specific part of your kitchen that is hard to maintain is your silverwares.

Having these silverwares on your dining table will surely add elegance and beauty. However, cleaning these materials is tedious and challenging, as if they will never get back to their original appearance.

Homemade tips in making silverwares look brand new

Apparently, there is a simple do-it-your own technique that can ease your worries away. This will not require harsh and harmful chemicals that can deteriorate your health.

All it will require is baking soda, salt, and foil. Simply cover the sink with foil, add baking soda, salt, and hot water. Submerge all your silverware in the formula, then the trick will happen.

As magical as it is, there’s a scientific basis with this formula. The tarnish tends to transfer from the silverware to the foil by adding baking soda in water with foil.

The most amazing part, though, is the fact that you successfully do some cleaning chores while adding some scientific fun to it.

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