A stray cat and her babies wait at doorstep asking for help

Stray cat and kittens

Any caring mother would know what was best for her babies. A cat mama, later named Mama Ally, recently decided to leave her street life. She brought her 2 little ones to a family’s home, where she knew they’d be safe.

Stray cat

The beautiful white mama cat and her two fluffy kitties showed up at the doorstep of the family’s North Carolina home. The three of them waited patiently until someone noticed them.

When the owner found the cat and her little one, she immediately called for help from Sparkle Cat Rescue. The rescuers soon came to the location and helped Mama Ally and her babies. They took them to the shelter.


However, they soon realized that the stray cat was pregnant. So, the rescuers reached out for help again. They contacted their partners, Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, founded by Sarah Kelly. They asked her if she could help foster the mama cat.

Kelly immediately agreed to help the stray cat and her babies. She found a comfortable home for the cat to spend the last trimester. Mama Ally immediately fell in love with Monica, her foster mom. She tried to get her attention as if she wanted to thank her foster mom for helping her during the most challenging time of her life.

Stray cat and newborn kittens

After a few weeks, Mama Ally gave birth to 5 beautiful kitties. Kelly thought that the cat was a fantastic mother as she took care of all her babies, even as a stray cat. She took care of her newborn babies like a complete rockstar.

Kelly made sure her teen-kittens got adopted together. Now she was looking for a happy family who would adopt Ally and her 5 little ones all together. Everyone was glad that she reached out for help at the right time.

Stray cat and newborn kittens

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