A unique true story with a flavor of country music – Ronnie Dunn’s “Cost of Livin’“

Ronnie Dunn

“Cost of Livin” was a beautiful song written by American country music singers Ronnie Dunn and Phillip Coleman. This was Dunn’s second single after his split from his band Brooks & Dunn.

Ronnie Dunn

Dunn got the idea of the song during the economic recession. However, he wanted to put it on hold because he believed that the economy would improve. Coleman had written most of the lyrics, but Dunn decided to change the chorus & the musical idea.

The song started off with Coleman talking about how 1900 lost jobs would have a devastating effect on the city of Tennessee and its surrounding areas. Then, the song showed the story of the former employees of the Goodyear tire manufacturer, located in Union City, Tennessee.

Ronnie Dunn

The company decided to close down due to the economic downturn. The song featured interviews with former workers of the tire plant. They talked about how difficult it was for them to take care of their family as they were unemployed now.

The part of the song, which had Dunn singing, was shot at a gas station in Lowery, Oklahoma, that ceased operations recently. The song’s main character was a man up for an interview and was trying to impress his boss with his skillset.

The character in the song gave a reference to his military background. He also showed how he had been working with his last employer before the economic recession forced them to close down their business.

The lyrics were deep, and the song’s tone showed how the character’s family was struggling to make ends meet and how important it was for him to get the job. However, it was not clear if the person got the job or not. The song was well-written and beautifully sung, with a unique true story around it.

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A unique true story with a flavor of country music - Ronnie Dunn’s “Cost of Livin\'“